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Continued housing programs


RallyForward, a Choices for Youth program, combines a supportive housing program with intensive case management supports to help vulnerable young people in St. John’s. With rising property costs and a highly competitive rental market, youth are encountering more barriers than ever on their path to securing stable, affordable housing. The RallyForward team works with youth to help them overcome obstacles while strengthening their life skills and support structures.


the choices shelter

The Choices Emergency Shelter, connected to our Integrated Youth Services Centre, provides for the immediate basic needs of youth who identify as male or gender non-confirming. Young people accessing the Shelter can not only access food and a roof over their heads in moments of need, but they can also avail of other needed supports and services that Choices for Youth offers. This concept of easy-to-access, wrap-around supports being made available to young people when they need them is a great example of how we offer integrated services for youth.

THe lilly

The Lilly is one of Choices for Youth’s longstanding housing programs. Located on Bond Street in Downtown St. John’s, The Lilly program provides long-term, supportive housing to young people in a safe and supportive environment. The Lilly is providing a bridge to independence for young people, working with them to build their confidence and develop the skills they need to successfully transition to independent living situations.

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