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Employment Support Stability Pilot Program

In April 2022, Choices for Youth (CFY) collaborated with Stella’s Circle and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to launch the Employment Support Stability Pilot Program (ESSPP). The ESSPP sought to address systemic barriers facing individuals receiving income support through government initiatives and enhanced case management. It represents a move away from a punitive approach to income support, towards a proactive system that prioritizes the needs of youth.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Departments of Children, Seniors, and Social Development (CSSD) and Immigration, Population Growth, and Skills (IPGS) are introducing several initiatives aimed at reducing financial barriers facing individuals accessing income support. These initiatives include the introduction of a new earnings exemption formula which allows workers to retain more of their earnings, resulting in higher monthly incomes, and escalating bonuses for continuous employment to incentivize job retention and ultimately increase participants’ labour-market attachment.

Honourable John G. Abbott, [former] Minister of Children,
Seniors and Social Development, Government of NL

“This pilot has already seen such positive results, with many of the current participants benefitting greatly from working more hours and having higher monthly incomes. I am optimistic that this project will continue to help people transition from Income Support to employment and provide supports when they are needed.”

CFY and Stella’s Circle, for their part, are providing lifestyle supports to increase the self-reliance of participants – helping them manage their mental health, family life, financial responsibilities, work/life balance, and other day-to-day challenges. In the short time that CFY has been involved with the ESSP we have supported close to 40 participants with over 300 interventions, such as supporting youth in creating financial plans, helping youth find and maintain stable housing, assisting youth with navigating the income support system and supporting youth in accessing training and employment.

CFY is launching a request for proposals for pilot evaluation services in April 2023, with the goal of evaluating the effectiveness of the initiatives introduced by the Government of NL and the enhanced case management from CFY and Stella’s Circle at reducing barriers to employment and encouraging increased labour-market attachment for people receiving income support.

Laura Winters, CEO, Stella’s Circle

“The Employability Support Stability Pilot Program has provided a framework for community organizations like Stella’s Circle and Choices for Youth to work directly with the Provincial Government to improve supports for individuals like our participants. The powerful nature of collaboration in the spirit of honouring those we serve is paramount to making a difference in their lives.”

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