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Hailey has been involved with Choices for Youth (CFY) since she was a teenager. She was In Care with CSSD and lived outside of Newfoundland and Labrador for much of her youth. When she returned to NL, she signed herself out of Care and her Social Worker connected her with CFY.

“I’ve always loved being around Choices. I used to volunteer upstairs in the kitchen almost every day from when I was sixteen to eighteen years old. I’ve always been a part of Choices, to the point where they used to call me part of the furniture.”

Because of her connection to CFY, when Hailey became pregnant last year, she knew she could turn to our Momma Moments program for support. Momma Moments provided Hailey with wrap-around supports including access to the healthcare and housing she needed to support her future child.

“Before Momma Moments I didn’t have a family doctor or any other support aside from Outreach [and Youth Engagement program]. Since joining Momma Moments, I have been seeing the doctor quite regularly which is really nice because it’s not easy finding a family doctor. The Momma Moments doctor connected me with an OBGYN to do my delivery and they supported me through that process until the end.”

Hailey has since given birth to her first child. She continues to receive a variety of supports from Momma Moments, including post-natal care for herself and her child. This continuity of care coupled with the other supports provided by Momma Moments is bringing stability to their lives and is doing wonders for Hailey’s physical and mental well-being.

“I haven’t had any type of consistency throughout my life, in general, so for the last year it has been really great to have a level of consistency. It has really helped with my mental health. I feel a lot less alone, and I know I can go to the Momma Moments’ staff or doctor if I have any concerns, and I feel comfortable going to them, which is also new for me. I haven’t ever been good at going to others for help.”

Momma Moments has also provided Hailey with the affordable housing she needs to maintain stability for her and her child.

“I have been in and out of shelters since I signed myself out of Care, so I’ve never had any support or consistency with housing. Momma Moments placed me in an apartment which is a huge weight off my shoulders. I always worried that housing would affect my life and my child’s life because you need to have something consistent that you can rely on. We’re really comfortable and everyone around us is great. It’s nice to be back in St. John’s living close to my supports. It’s a lot easier to get the support I need.”

The Momma Moments team excels at forming strong relationships with their moms. Hailey is no exception, and she now feels comfortable turning to her Momma Moments worker for advice, support, and guidance.

“It was a little rough at first, but my Momma Moments worker has made the whole experience a lot easier. I have really connected with my worker. She makes it easier to get through the things that I struggle with. Having her as a support has gotten me out of my comfort zone and I’m now doing things I didn’t think I was ever capable of.”

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