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Training and Development

Choices for Youth (CFY) is committed to investing in the individuals who are doing amazing work every day to support young people and help them unlock their potential. 

CFY has supported several employees by covering membership fees of different associations and organizations, including but not limited to:

  • Chartered Professional Accountants Canada

  • Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Canada

  • The Newfoundland and Labrador College of Social Workers

  • National Learning Community on Youth Homelessness

  • The Association of Fundraising Professionals


CFY believes in training and professional development opportunities, so staff can be equipped with up-to-date best practices within their current role, as well as continue to learn and advance their knowledge to align with their professional goals. These opportunities include first aid training, applied suicide intervention skills training (ASIST), opioid poisoning response training, occupational health and safety training, media relations training, project management courses, communications programs, and more. 

Jessica Alcock, Manager of Human Resources

“When you think about investing in staff…there’s professional development and training, but then there’s investing in making sure staff are happy in the workplace.”

Live Well Committee

The Live Well Committee is a group of CFY staff, who work collectively to provide social events and wellness activities. The committee meets at least once a month for planning and discussion. 

The Live Well Committee was excited to get back to in-person socializing after almost two years of virtual and team-based social activities. Last year, the Live Well Committee hosted its second Staff Summer Appreciation Social and the first in-person Holiday Party since 2019. Additionally, the Live Well Committee provided treats and other social opportunities to staff throughout the year, including a Halloween Coffee Break and special deliveries of Valentine’s Day goodies to all CFY sites. The Live Well Committee is looking forward to another year of offering social and wellness activities to staff.

Katie Keats, Manager of Fund Development and Communications

“Being a part of the Live Well Committee is a great experience. The committee works together as a team to make decisions about various social and wellness activities for CFY Staff. It was great to finally get back to an in person Staff Holiday Party – we ate, we danced, and we all left feeling a little more connected to one another.”

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